The summer is just over and  the stress is back already?

Take the relaxation and joie de vivre of summer with you into fall! Learn how to stay relaxed and calm despite a heavy workload! 


Head of Controlling

Really good! My life, especially work, was just torture and a burden. Now I'm back behind the wheel and feel much more relaxed!

Jan Broders

Certified Coach with 10 years experience

(International Coaching Federation)

Learn methods and techniques recommended by the world's leading stress researchers.

Recognise your personal stress patterns and solve them once and for all.
You program your organism for relaxation and finally get a clear head again.

Corporate clients Jan and his team are supporting:

Your coach

Jan Broders

I'm Jan Broders and over 11 years ago I collapsed in the middle of the hotel lobby of a posh 5-star hotel and only got back up when the ambulance treated me - the highlight of a steep career. Diagnosis: burnout. Stress, anxiety and competitive pressure had built up over years. I thought that was normal. Everyone is stressed these days. For me, there was only one goal: professional success and a great-sounding title. At that time, I didn't know that you can and should think about how you feel and what you actually want in life.

Today I know how to do it differently!

My team and I support people from around the world: managers, executives, celebrities, even doctors and psychologists.

Under the name MP2 - Mental Peak Performance we help professional athletes to perform at their best even under the greatest pressure. We are the exclusive mental performance partner of  several tennis academies and national sports federations.

Our "back to work"-offer

The summer was beautiful and relaxing. The vacation days are long and your thoughts are still on the beach and enjoying the sun.

But then the daily work routine starts again. This time you wanted to do everything differently. Take time for yourself, communicate your limits clearly, and even say no sometimes. You want to do more sports and spend time with your family.

Good resolutions and a great plan. Which often last exactly one week. Then it's back again. The routine. The old patterns. The stress. And with it the disillusionment and despair about why it didn't work out yet again.

Let's approach it differently this year! Together we'll look at what your stress patterns look like and what helps you personally to stay calm even in the face of high demands. There are ways that work for you, too. We will find them and integrate them into your everyday life.

The details

  • 4 x 60 minutes personal 1:1 coaching sessions with Jan Broders (via video call)
  • Support between the calls via WhatsApp to integrate the coaching content
  • Workbooks if relevant for your personal situation
  • This week offered at the "back to work" special offer of 600 € instead of 1.000 € (offer valid until September 08, 2023, sessions can be scheduled as needed without time limit)

Homeopathic practitioner

Sometimes in life you meet special people. One of them is you, Jan. You steered me in the right direction with incredible empathy and experience.



Jan is an extremely empathetic person/coach. The conversations are like you rarely have, profound & transformative. I can only say thank you at this point.



I was able to make everyday life with my family much more relaxed and pleasant by making small changes. It was easy in the conversations to find new views and approaches.

Jan Broders Coaching
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